Logistics & Transportation

We invest and advise in privately owned L&T companies. Our expertise covers companies that have:

  • warehouse and supply chain management

  • shipping and ports

  • land transport (heavy and light rail, coach, bus and transit)

  • sea freight and logistics

  • customs brokerage and clearance

Small Plant
Organic Agriculture

The projects we invest or advise on are mainly in setting up organic supply chain for the food industry. We train our clients on organic certification, control procedures and sustainability programs. Our service offering also includes setting up a factory and connecting organic buyers and sellers.


To transform the digital customer journey, Cornerstone reimagines the entire experience by addressing customers’ major pain points and unmet needs, deploying digital technologies, and streamlining underlying processes through techniques such as lean, automation, and robotics.

Consumer Goods

We focus on local companies that are looking to expand abroad. Depending on how our clients structure our involvement, we can arrange licenses, importation, tax arrangements and market access.

Our network of advisers such as accountants, tax specialists, licensed importers and specialized business developments have helped 100's of companies expand into new markets.