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Leveraging Communication For A Global Pioneer In Flight Simulation Tech

Founded in Canada and established in 1982, this company is a global pioneer in the production and distribution of flight simulators, aircrew training and aeromedical applications. As of today, they have supplied over 1000 simulators to over 30 counties.

The idea

The company makes use of multiple high-level systems implemented by Siemens. This system made it challenging for the different stakeholders involved in the business to stay in line and connected with one another. Furthermore, the company’s clients had a complicated renewal experience –they were made to click through the implemented system over 600 times before any relevant information was given to them.

How did Cornerstone help?

To improve their company culture and the renewal experience of their clients, Cornerstone helped by establishing an efficient dashboarding system which collected data, integrated it, and presented it internally. This newly implemented system now provides real time information that can be extracted from all online and digital platforms enabling the business to act when needed.

Where are they now?

With this dashboard implemented, clients are now able to easily determine the type of maintenance and logistics needed to be arranged within the next three to nine months allowing them to plan accordingly. The dashboard further prompts internal stakeholders on what they need to do for their clients improving the overall B2C communication experience.

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