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A Recruitment Company's Biggest Asset is its Network - But How Do You Enter A New City?

With thousands of professionals in their network, expanding operations to a new region could be considered a long, bumpy road. But this wasn't the case for one of New Jersey's largest recruitment companies.

The Idea

When the company made the decision to expand their services to the European region - mostly in the Western Europe (starting with the Netherlands), they needed a country manager who could lead the division.

They also needed to hire candidates required for the expansion.

How Cornerstone helped

To kick things off, the HR & Recruitment team at Cornerstone prepared job profiles as needed by the client. We also then advised them on the different compensation packages for each market in the Western Europe, coordinated meetings and shortlisted candidates on behalf of the company - saving them time.

As the client was expanding to a completely new region, we also advised and arranged all legal obligations required with hiring employees, including pensions and insurance.

Where are they now?

The team in the Netherlands and EU has now grown 5 times in size, providing a very strong base in region for their western European operations. They have a strong presence and have become an employer of choice in the Dutch market.

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