Who we are

We are independent

As a family-owned fund and company, we aim for a high degree of freedom in all our decisions and actions. The basis for this is the financial independence achieved by sound business methods and retention of profits within the Group.

The Group’s policy of extensive diversification helps to make us independent of economic fluctuations in individual business sectors or markets. Another element in this autonomy is our mastery of core technologies in every detail.

Our people share our clients’ aspirations and deliver true results

Cornerstone was founded on the principle that our investments should deliver sustainable and measurable results—not just reports—to our partners and clients. Our team share that passion for results, and they bring a diverse set of skills, industry experience, an entrepreneurial spirit and fresh perspectives to each investment.

We invest and stay involved

All of our companies that we own or advise involve people and relationships. Our founding principals are to stay connected and involved with all our ventures. We are prepared to take on risk and put our money where our mouth is when investments are required.

We believe that with our hands on approach, maximum results are achieved.