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Going Dutch: How a company consolidated their EU operations in The Netherlands

A company that supplies to major electronic hardware players; this computer chip sourcing and distribution company began its journey in 1989 in Florida. They provide uncomplicated and straight-forward electronic sourcing solutions to their clients and operate in several continents such as North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

The idea

With their European business entities operating from three separate countries, this company approached Cornerstone to help them find a solution to centralize their supply chain and quality assurance centre to one location within Europe.

How Did Cornerstone Help?

Cornerstone provided the company with an efficient turn-key solution by constructing and presenting them with a plan on how to move the company’s three separate business entities within Europe to be consolidated in The Netherlands.

The company decided to find a distribution facility of their own within The Netherlands instead of going through a third-party logistics facility. However, bearing in mind the costs and difficulties with finding one, Cornerstone, on behalf of the company, worked with the Dutch government to support the process of finding a suitable location for their facility.

Moreover, we assisted with the negotiating process with the landlord for favorable pricing, rent, safety requirements, exit clauses and to ensure quality conditions for the company, our client.

Where are they now?

The company now have a full team, a quality assurance tester, and a local account management team to manage all their operations in The Netherlands. Additionally, they have a leasing contract that is beneficial to them due to the clauses negotiated, and they now successfully provide their services to almost 20 countries from their Dutch facility.

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