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EU Authorised Representation

At CEG, our approach to serving as your EU authorised representative is comprehensive and client-centric. We design our strategies to navigate the complexities of EU regulations, ensuring your products meet all necessary compliance standards.

As mandated by EU Regulation 2019/1020, effective July 2021, every non-EU business engaging in direct or indirect sales (including through e-commerce platforms) to EU consumers must appoint an importer or an EU-authorised representative. CEG offers this indispensable service to non-EU clients, ensuring seamless compliance with European directives and facilitating smooth market entry. Our role as your EU Authorised Representative involves acting as a crucial liaison with EU authorities, guaranteeing product compliance and safeguarding your business interests within the European market.

Key Capabilities

Direct Liaison with Market Surveillance Authorities

We serve as the essential communication link between your company and the Market Surveillance Authorities, representing your interests diligently to ensure adherence to EU regulations.


Verification of Compliance Documentation

We ensure the EU Declaration of Conformity or Declaration of Performance, along with all technical documentation, are correctly prepared and in full compliance with EU standards.


Comprehensive Technical Document Review

We will review your technical documents to confirm they meet the EU’s stringent requirements, ensuring a smoother certification process.


Industries Served

Our EU Authorised Representation Service encompasses a diverse range of industries, each with its unique challenges and aspirations. Our expertise extends to sectors including:

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