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Elevating Business Potential: CEG’s Strategic Private Equity Investments

CEG's Private Equity division focuses on enhancing growth and innovation in promising enterprises via strategic minority investments. We provide customised advice and actively engage with management teams to maximise value creation and returns. Our investments target emerging companies, where our stake can have a significant impact. Additionally, we use our network to help portfolio companies attract investors and make strategic acquisitions, thereby solidifying their market presence.

CEG Private Equity prides itself on a hands-on investment approach, establishing an active and close working relationship with each portfolio company's management. Our engagement ranges from strategic guidance to operational support, depending on the unique needs and capabilities of the business.

Key Capabilities

Strategic Minority Investments

Targeting high-potential companies for minority stakes.


Active Management Engagement

Offering tailored guidance and support to portfolio companies.


Sector-Agnostic with a Tech Focus

While open to all sectors, we have a keen interest in cutting-edge technologies.


Board Participation

Ensuring strategic alignment and oversight through board representation.


Network Leverage

Utilising our extensive network to identify additional investment or acquisition opportunities for our portfolio.


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