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Cornerstone's diverse and industry rich knowledge will enable a lasting impact on your business and help your company reach its full potential.


Find out how Cornerstone can help you.

Project Management

From financial to regulatory compliance, digital solutions to company restructuring, we will lessen the load and help you manage these aspects of your business.

Global EU & Financial Compliance

We'll help you meet the multiple global and local financial compliances from the coordination phase and we will provide local representation on behalf of your company. 

Dashboarding & Data Integration

Business data is expanding at an exponential rate, and we will help you to better analyze, manipulate, and make sense of your data boosting competitive advantage in your sector.

EU Authorized Representative + MDR

With our Authorised Representation Service, the CE marking of your products are verified assuring your access to the EU Market. We also act as the registered point of contact in the EU on behalf of your company.

Strategy & Operations

A solid strategic focus is vital to an organization's continuing growth and success. We will assist you in rethinking the efficiency of current operations, while also developing effective.

Human Resource & Recruitment

We'll help you in handling HR matters and ensuring local compliances are met. We have experience and expertise with payroll services, employment legal advisory, HR administration, and more.

Digital Transformation

Whether it's optimizing operations, utilizing data, or developing totally new ways of doing business, we will help you with your digital transformation goals.

Global Expansion Solution

We make it easy for you to establish your business on foreign land. We'll help you with employing the right resources and tools, turning your global reach into competitive advantage.


Contact Our Specialists


Marian Quah

Head of Project Management

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Jeff CEG_edited.jpg

Jeff Kendall

Head of Expansion Solutions

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Meera Mageandiran

Head of EU Compliance

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Industries We Specialize In

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